Residential quarter "Brialmont"


2013 - 2018

Montreal Real Estate Development

Mortsel, B


€ 8.800.000,-

design team
HUB, CES, Planet Engineering, Vanderstraeten nv





The residential project on Dosfellei forms part of Fort IV in Mortsel and is aimed at reinstating the latter’s original footprint.

The design allows for the development of 3 compact volumes with 3, 4 and 6 layers respectively. Ranging from a more modestly dimensioned volume that seeks connection with the residences on Fortstraat, to a larger scale volume that engages with the new City Square. Each volume is developed according to a specific typology: open-plan apartments, corner apartments and triple-aspect apartments. Each of these residential types stand in correlation to the scale, form and orientation of the respective volumes.

The division of the space into 3 volumes creates valuable access ways and sight lines, which enhance the public and accessible character of the Fort. This, in addition to the generous private interior spaces, lends an essential quality to living on the edge of Fort IV.

The choice of materials is also fully aligned with the context. The new residential structures constitute an extension of the existing historical edifice of Fort IV. The development therefore fits within the existing tradition of layered brick construction. The residential function of the project, however, lends it a more informal character, whereby it is subtly nestled between the strong formal character of the military infrastructure and the more public nature of the City Hall and Police Station.