(28-09-2023) Antwerp City Hall presented at symposium 'Analogous Design'.

ANALOGOUS DESIGN - On Monday October 9th, Bart Biermans shares his thoughts on Analogous Design during a symposium in Pakhuis De Zwijger (Amsterdam, Nl), organized by Architectenweb and Office Winhov.


Not looking for contrast, but design in analogy with the existing. When renovating or transforming an existing building, a distinction is made between two approaches. First there is restoration: returning an existing building to its original form. In addition, there is contrasting innovation: the addition of elements or building parts that clearly differ from the existing building. However, a growing group of architects see a third way to prepare buildings for the future, an approach that builds on the existing building. This alternative approach allows them not to 'freeze' the limitations of the existing, but to update (and even upgrade) the building, in the spirit of how it was designed at the time. This way, existing buildings can look forward to a more vital future. How do we, as architects, handle this? And can we come forward with a shared method?