(15-05-2016) Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp (B)

HUB Hosts Soft Focus Institute.

From May 20th till May 22nd, we host Soft Focus Institute as part of Antwerp Art Weekend. The press release states:


The inside joke. The punch line. Critical humor.


The term “Make America Great Again” was created in 1979 during a time in which the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by high unemployment and inflation. The slogan was spoofed by the media and the entertainment business in various humorous ways. Soft Focus Institute responds with a (not necessarily political) adaption of the spoof “Make The Art World Great Again”.


SFI is a shape shifting Center for Artistic Wellbeing of Uninitiated and Devoted Beholders (CAWUDB) that seeks to invigorate the relation between contemporary art and community. It researches expectations and patterns in the art world, striving for an autonomy outside of existing concepts.


Artists: Rens Cools (BE), Marlies DC (BE), Kasper De Vos (BE), Angelica Falkeling (SE), Aapo Nikkanen (FI), Plural Authorship Collective, Susanne Schuda (AT), Sorbus (FI), Yann Vanderme (FR), Sara Van Woerden (NL) and Pieter Vermeulen (BE).